You made this? I made this.

by ForeverFreest

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released January 18, 2017



all rights reserved


ForeverFreest Indianapolis, Indiana

ForeverFreest is a somewhat in-progress music...thing...out of Indianapolis. The dream here is to eventually not suck.

Pleasure to meet you all.

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Track Name: Summer (Covering Jackle App)
Plucking strings and broken wings
are the things that defined my Ponyville Summer
When Nice Nurse Mare, from urgent care
put my wings in slings oh gosh what a bummer
(But I'll abscond)
But you wouldn't care when you're in the care of
(Where I'll have fun)
When you're in the care of Lyra and Bon Bon

I looked all day, for a place to stay
But "No Vacancy" signs went on for miles
They saw my cast, they didn't even ask
they took me right in to stay for a while
(But I don't mind)
You wouldn't ask why when you were as desperate as I
(Out of the sun)
You don't ask why when it's Lyra and Bon Bon

I watched them together while under the weather
and couldn't believe my eyes
two ponies like this who share every kiss like they'll share the rest of
their lives
It made me blue and a little bit green
that they were flushed red with love
I'm too yellow to tell them that I'm leaving today
under the orange sunset up above


Plucking strings and broken wings
are the things that defined my Ponyville summer...
Track Name: Mental Melodies (Covering Treblemaker Tunes)
I'm sitting here all alone in the dark
And I can't quite figure out this next part
My hands are numb from these poor strings
But I can't stop when my heart sings
What 'd do without my guitar now
I would do something useful but I don't know how
But whatever that is, it wouldn't be whole
It wouldn't speak like music to my soul

These notes swirl around in my head
I can't get them out but I'd rather be dead
than to have them removed, these remedies
Me and my little mental melodies

I tried zoning out, messing with doubts
But they're still here on my cranium couch
They have made their home as a welcome tenant
I prefer to stick around than to forget it
If they ever left, I wouldn't sing the blues
For singing then I couldn't choose
I'd just be the color of the deep sky
Waiting for them so that I could fly